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The Global Climate Action Summit 2019

The Global Climate Action Summit convenes leaders of government, business, and citizens from around the world, to demonstrate progress and inspire deeper commitments in support of the Paris Agreement. For Autodesk, the challenge was to:

1. Engage with customers and demonstrate how their technology helps them accelerate climate solutions

2. Have a leadership voice at the table to influence relevant and ambitious climate action and policy  

3. Advance Autodesk’s reputation as a thought leader among government leaders, industry partners, and customers.

Our strategy was to demonstrate how Autodesk was not just living their commitment to climate action but empowering their customers to do the same.


During GCAS, we designed event programming and messaging that elevated Autodesk in an authentic and memorable way co-ordinating participation at selected events and initiatives including C40 Women4Climate + Tech Challenge Partnership and We Are Still In Day (WASI day). We also brought in industry leading collaborative partners Grist and C40 to concept and produce an Autodesk owned workshop.


The workshop was kicked off by Mayor Hildalgo from Paris and included 20+ industry leaders (including Autodesk customers). The participatory workshop, which sat at the intersection of women-led innovation and cities, focused on developing solutions and commitments around carbon smart buildings, sustainable transportation & resilient cities. By the end of the day, over 35 commitments were made.