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ChildFund International

Inside Impact:
The Return

570 million children globally live in extreme poverty, a number so large it can be difficult to comprehend.


For over 75 years, ChildFund International has helped vulnerable children around the world, working to counter the daily struggles that prevent them from growing up healthy and strong. Its work is incredibly effective in the communities it serves, impacting the lives of millions of children each year, mostly thanks to funding from its child sponsorship program.

The organization wanted to create an experience that would shed light into the lives of the children and communities it works with in order to put real faces behind the statistics.  

Created by Matter Unlimited and produced by Unit9, Inside Impact: The Return is a virtual reality film, which follows the story of Annapoorna, a 24-year-old woman who was sponsored by ChildFund and grew up to beat the odds, becoming a teacher.


The film harnesses the power of virtual reality to immerse audience in Annapoorna’s world, highlighting the challenges she faced, and that continue to impact children every day around the world, including lack of access to clean water or sanitation, lack of nutrition, and young girls being forced out of school and into child marriage or child labor.  The film illustrates how Annapoorna has thrived as a result of ChildFund’s support, and how she is giving back to her village.

In addition to the full-length VR film, we created a shorter 2-minute version that is being used in the field to solicit face-to-face donations.  By enabling potential donors to better understand the impact of their support, we hope to create an even larger community of engaged child sponsors for ChildFund.

To see behind the scenes details and how to donate to ChildFund, visit www.childfund.org/thereturn