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The Clinton Global Initiative 

Inside Impact: East Africa

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) has convened global leaders and the public and private sectors for the past 10 years to create and implement solutions to the world's most pressing problems. For its 10th Annual Meeting in September 2015, we needed to find a way to communicate the tangible impact of CGI programs in a breakthrough way that would stay with members beyond the gathering. 

We created a virtual reality (VR) film, "Inside Impact: East Africa" featuring President Clinton, that transported viewers to East Africa to experience first-hand the impact of CGI member commitments in Kenya and Tanzania. Being immersed in these communities created a strong emotional, empathetic response among viewers, who left the meeting feeling inspired and assured of their commitment to the organization.

To watch the spherical video, go to InsideImpactVR.com

The film also went on tour at various conference and festivals across the country, reaching socially-minded influencers at SXSW, Sundance, PopTech, Social Innovation Summit, Summit at Sea, AICP Awards and many more. It has been nominated for an Emmy, is a Webby Official Honoree and recently won an AICP Next VR Award. And it received a lot of love from the press!