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Course Hero

Get There

The road to graduation has become a stressful, debt-ridden uphill battle — and 40% of college students never make it to graduation.


​Course Hero is an online learning library where you can access over 20 million course-specific study resources contributed by a community of students and educators.


Course Hero’s awareness levels were still low and it was often mistaken for a ‘shortcut, site’, built for cramming not learning. The mission and vision of the brand hadn’t been communicated to the people it had been built for - students.

We created Get There, a multidimensional brand platform designed to show that Course Hero will be the single destination for students to learn deeper- from day-one until graduation.


We created an anthemic video “The Walk” kicked things off and has received over 2.3 million views on Course Hero’s youtube channel, resulting in elevated brand awareness and conversion rates. A suite of digital content continues to engage students and drive unprecedented trial. The brand narrative we established now shapes they way the brand story is told by the CEO on main stages all the way to their on campus outreach.