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Open Role for Mid-Level Creative Team

New York City or San Francisco

First, a bit of background and context on Matter Unlimited.

Matter Unlimited is a full service strategic and creative agency that’s solely devoted to social impact and purpose-driven work. We’re currently boutique-sized and a small team, but we’re rapidly growing with offices in NYC and SF. Our clients range from non-profits, NGOs and foundations to for-profit brands and companies that are re-evaluating their role in the world and making meaningful steps toward social change.

Working at Matter is an opportunity not just for creative fulfillment, but for realignment between personal ethics and professional pursuits. Employees routinely feel a sense of relief and satisfaction working on clients and brand work that aims to make a positive difference. The effect of working at Matter is that you often feel like you’re bringing your whole self to work, rather than having to check your outside interests and geopolitics at the door. Many of the preeminent issues of our time that dominate the news cycles are the very problems we’re asked to solve in creative briefings.

As such, our aim is to move the needle on these social issues while simultaneously raising the creative bar in the social impact category. We want to ensure that world-class creative opportunities come hand-in-hand with the impact of our work.

If all that excites you, read on.

Copywriter Job Description:

A Copywriter at Matter will get the chance to do extensive campaign work big and small, with narrative storytelling, anthemic launch campaigns, digital and social campaigns, activations and experiential, often resulting in integrated campaigns that touch many different mediums. 


The specific copywriting role we’re aiming to fill centers on someone who feels a great sense of duty and responsibility, first and foremost, to shaping and crafting authentic brand stories for our clients, many of whom require extremely nuanced and culturally informed thinking that must be reflected down to the sensitivity of the voice and word choice we establish for them. Obviously, when your creative briefs aren’t selling a product so much as, say, spreading awareness of a social injustice, it’s incumbent on a writer on our team to demonstrate the ability to balance powerful thinking with a delicate delivery (and vice versa).

We’re looking for a writer to work well with the wider team and report directly into the Executive Creative Director. A writer that’s not above generating copy for social media posts, but is confident enough to write an anthemic launch campaign and then talk clients through its merits. We need a writer that is adept and fluent in different styles and tones, comfortable writing a
humor script as much as an emotional manifesto. A writer that’s as excited to craft that anthemic piece of work as they are trying to crack the social mechanic that will elicit tons of audience participation. A writer that inherently understands the Internet of Everything age and fluent in writing for it. Many of our clients ask for movement building, and as daunting as that sounds, we
need a writer that’s comfortable taking moonshots like that. And someone with other art-related talents, references, skill sets and outside interests that inform their work.

A writer at Matter will be a big idea thinker and a natural storyteller that leverages innovative writing and concepting to bring creative campaigns to life. We want a copywriter who can grow in the role, is committed to our purpose-driven mission, ideally comes from a diverse background, and is hungry to show that disruptive, unexpected, and progressive creative thinking can help brands and nonprofits elevate their purpose-driven missions. That, and help set this agency apart as the preeminent purpose-driven agency in the US, if not the world.

All copywriter candidates should have a strong book and experience at some of the premiere creative agencies in the industry. We’re looking for at least 1-2 creative campaigns in your book that have all the hallmarks of award-winning work.

Types of creative acumen we require:

● Strategically-led, concept-driven, big idea thinking
● Can narratively craft everything from :30 second scripts to short films
● Manifesto writing
● Digital design in all its forms: Interactive, web, mobile and social media
● Fluency in concepting and writing for experiential, stunts and activations
● Produced brand taglines and headlines
Recent creative projects we’ve worked on:
● Published children’s storybook with original illustrations
● Podcast series
● Parallaxing annual report site
● Printed collateral for industry events feat. Dr. Anita Hill
● Social media campaign and anthem film for Rockefeller Foundation
● Narrative filmmaking and integrated campaigns for Merck for Mothers
● Anthemic brand values campaign launching a pro-immigration tech startup
● Storytelling and consumer-facing launch for Nike’s sustainability platform

Ultimately, we’re looking for a strong mid-level creative team (CW + AD) that will own their roles and look to grow not just the creative aesthetic at Matter, but also with an eye toward growing into senior creatives and even creative directors in their own career trajectories with us.