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The Rockefeller Foundation

Power in Hand

More than one billion people across the globe are locked out of the modern economy because they lack sufficient access to electricity. Without this access families have no means of enhancing their incomes, improving food security, educating their children, feeling safe or staying healthy.


Smart Power for Rural Development is a $75 million initiative launched by the Rockefeller Foundation to address this “last-mile” energy gap. Using clean energy innovation it had already transformed over 37,000 lives in India. But the vision was to transform 1 million lives and begin to scale to other countries around the world.


To attract and inspire the right level of funding and partnerships that would help make the ambition a reality the Foundation needed to establish Smart Power as a leader in innovative energy solutions and share the impact and success it was having in India.


The solution was to have the impact experienced rather than talked about. Power in Hand was a virtual journey to villages in rural India that had been transformed by Smart Power. Instead of showing the economic impact you met the people who had experienced it first hand. People like Kusum who was able to open a beauty parlour in the small village of Laliya and now has a thriving business, showing her 7 year old daughter an independent way of life. People like Jagrum who can now keep his restaurant open later with reliable lighting and keep customers cool with the fans or cold drinks from the fridge. People like Chandini who can now do her homework in the evening because she has lights and takes computer classes at her school so she can learn new skills and fulfill her dream of being a teacher.


Power In Hand has been viewed over 325K times across platforms. The film premiered at the Mashable’s Social Good Summit during UNGA week, since then it appeared at the Responsible Business Forum in Singapore and continues to shown to leaders in business and government globally.


"It is amazing to see with your own eyes exactly what it means when the world is lit up" - ​Sze Yen Tan, Senior Vice President, DBS Bank.

Power in hand is the 4th VR film in our emmy-nominated 'Inside Impact' series.