At the nexus of "what matters in life" and "what matters in business" there's a powerful white space where, collectively, we can construct a more resilient, more equitable and more profitable model for mutual prosperity. A pragmatic idealism that embraces the greater good while remaining grounded in the pursuit of profitability. A belief that by seeking what matters, we will unleash a powerful connection between value creation and the human spirit.

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About Us

Our mission is to accelerate positive societal change by helping 21st century businesses and organizations identify, articulate, and amplify their commitment to shared value and mutual prosperity.


We are an integrated creative agency, dedicated exclusively to working with clients who are committed to improving the lives and wellbeing of those who depend on them and everyone they impact.


We are creative catalysts, change agents, and strategic storytellers who challenge our clients to reorient their business, brand, and product positions, inextricably linking social responsibility with long-term competitive advantage.


We are a seasoned team of business builders, thought leaders, and operators whose collective experience allows us to connect the contextual dots between strategic aspiration, creative ambition, and business reality.

At Matter, we align every aspect of our business with a belief in shared value, where good is profitable, and business performance is aligned with social progress.

Matter is proud to be a certified B Corporation. By structuring ourselves as a B Corp, we commit to meeting comprehensive and transparent performance standards, using the power of business to address social and environmental challenges.

As a member of 1% For the Planet, Matter commits 1% of our annual sales to a select group of environmental advocates around the world.

Matter is a founding affiliate of the Shared Value Initiative, a global community of practice among leading companies, civil society, and government organizations to drive adoption and implementation of shared value strategies.

Who we are

A unique diversity of experience and perspective allows us to be deeply empathetic with our clients. We 'get' their ambitions, challenges, and business realities, because we've walked in their shoes – running businesses, navigating the C-suite, and sweating the daily pressures of getting it done.

Rob Holzer

Founder, CEO


Rob Holzer

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Over the past 20 years, Rob has been on the front line of innovation in advertising, digital marketing, and branding. His groundbreaking work for GE's "Ecomagination" campaign and Obama's site created a new barometer for success in the industry and set the stage for a new form of strategic partnership between agency and client.

Prior to creating Matter, Rob was founder and CEO of Syrup which he created in 1998. In 2007, he successfully navigated Syrup through their acquisition by LBi (now part of Publicis). Rob's client roster includes TED, Clinton Global Initiative, Recyclebank, PUMA, GE, Clinique, Calvin Klein, NewsCorp, MTV/Viacom, Gucci Group, Christian Dior, L'Oréal, Speedo, Google, and AOL among others.

Rob serves as an industry expert for Hyper Island, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Sustainable Brands Conference, AIGA, The Art Director's Club, The One Club, NYU, and the League of Advertisers, and is often asked to appear as guest speaker on digital strategy and integrated advertising. He is a certified Shared Value Initiative Affiliate and is a mentor for Brazil-based technology accelerator 21212. Rob volunteers as a mentor for global entrepreneurial non-profit organization and is the board chair for the non-profit Lineage Project.

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Nancy Elder

Chief Strategy Officer


Nancy Elder

Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Nancy has spent her career shaping strategies and redefining brands for some of the world's leading companies, including General Electric, MasterCard, Time Warner, and Marsh. As a former Chief Marketing Officer for a Fortune 200 company, she brings a unique client-side perspective to her work, approaching each project with the eye of a storyteller to reframe an organization's point of view and align its message with its broader place in the world. Nancy started her career in PR and advertising at several of the world's largest agencies on behalf of clients including American Express, IBM, General Motors, and Hasbro.

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Sean Donovan

Strategy Director


Sean Donovan

Strategy Director

Sean possesses a unique combination of experience and expertise, from management consulting and organizational change management to marketing, branding, and executive communications. As a trusted advisor to C-suite executives, he has helped companies — from the Fortune 500 to start-ups – to define their strategies, find their voice, and create integrated messaging platforms to drive growth. His experience includes work for Marsh, Mercer, UBS, Comcast, and American Express.

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Seth Zalkin

Exec. Director, Strategic Ventures


Seth Zalkin

Executive Director, Strategic Ventures

Seth Zalkin has spent much of his life building companies as an investor and entrepreneur and is a leading advisor on early stage investments, mergers and acquisitions and innovative growth strategies. Seth has led the sale of businesses to both public and private companies and successfully cultivated client relationships with companies such as The Carlyle Group, HIG Capital, Soros Fund Management, Time Warner, IBM, Bacardi, The Gores Group and Perrier.

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We have helped a variety of business leaders reorient the traditional frame of reference for their brands and engage in new ways with their many constituents:

  • Coty Prestige Fragrances
  • News Corp
  • MTV/Viacom
  • Christian Dior
  • Marc Jacobs
  • NY Yankees
  • Warner Music
  • The Carlyle Group
  • Soros Fund Management
  • HIG Capital
  • Sirius Satellite Radio


We plan, develop and execute integrated creative strategies across all media.

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Workshops
  • Creative Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Interactive Design
  • Pre-production and Planning
  • Integrated Storybuilding
  • Social Media Strategy & Activation
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • E-Commerce Systems
  • CMS Development

Guiding Principles

The time has come to construct a new capitalist ideal, one that reconnects the quest for economic value creation with the pursuit of happiness. Doing well and doing good are no longer mutually exclusive.

We stand at an inflection point between economic eras. Behind us lies a century of taking – a myopic time of relentless growth and profit-seeking, regardless of social, environmental, and moral cost. Ahead of us lies the prospect of a more mindful time – a future of giving back as much as we take, with growth and profitability deeply grounded in the context of improving the lives of all we touch.

Among its defining principles, this new breed of capitalism:


Optimizes the balance between economic performance and social value, while demonstrating that it's not a zero-sum game.


Provides context for companies and people to connect both their work and worth to society.


Reorients business strategy to move “doing good” from a tangential activity to a core business driver.


Redefines company success as mutual prosperity, opportunity and respect – for shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment.


Strives for bold impact, harnessing the scale, reach and dynamism of global business to drive lasting, positive social and environmental change.


Remains unabashedly optimistic, yet pragmatic and mindful of real world constraints.

We believe that this reimagined and reinvigorated form of capitalism will guide us forward in the most profitable, responsible and morally grounded way possible – all the while bringing us closer to that most basic of human aspirations, happiness.


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